Organizers: Daniel Widmann (Event Director), Daniel Widmann (Course Planner), Bruce Rennie (Controller)

Although not much has changed it is 2021 now, so please make sure that you have filled in your membership and waiver information before requesting a map. It can easily be done online here.

This is a new map of the lower slopes on Mt Fromme around Braemar Rd & Dempsey Rd in North Vancouver. It's a simplified orienteering map without any vegetation which makes use of the detailed trail network in that area. Expect to spend most time on trails in steeper than usual terrain.

There are three courses available:

Short (2.5km, 100m elevation gain)
Middle (3.7km, 250m elevation gain)
Long (5.6km, 400m elevation gain)

All the courses are technically rather simple and stay mostly on trails. To make things a bit more interesting, some controls are placed in boxes and can be visited in any order. It's up to you to find the optimal order of those controls. However for beginners feel free to visit the controls in any order or visit as many or as few as you feel works for you. Pin flags are on-site until Sunday March 7th. Ignore any flagging tape, it's not ours.

Mt Fromme is an interesting network of trails, both walking and biking and it is likely to have quite a few mountain bikers over the weekend days so use the trails carefully. Particularly watch for people coming downhill fast on a bike. The terrain is quite steep in some places. Be careful, especially if it's wet.


There are lots of mountain bikers in the area. Particularly watch for people coming downhill fast on a bike. Watch for other trail users and step out of the way if necessary.
The trails are steep and quite rough in places. Be carful, especially if wet. Don't go out if it's snowy or icy.

WARNING: This is not a full or complete orienteering map. The map only contains trails and contours and some features. no vegetation. Keep in mind there might be errors or missing features.

Because our insurance policy requires that everyone who participates in a GVOC event be a member of the club, please email for a pdf copy of the event map. If you don't have access to a color printer, let us know. There will be a pick-up location for printed maps.

Social Distancing Recommendations

Remember that these events are to be run/walked individually, obeying all the social distancing recommendations currently in place. However, for your personal safety please let somebody know where you are, and what you are doing. These are not sanctioned events; we don't retain any liability for participants. This is a do-at-your-own-risk, training suggestion.

There are also likely to be plenty of people, dogs and bikes enjoying the park, so please be be mindful and keep your 2 meter distance.


Please send in your feedback and results (GPS track or run time) using following link or by email to the event organizer:

Upload Result

Results can be viewed here: Split Time Results

How do I get my GPS track:

1. Pick your GPS recording device, and ensure you can record a GPS track on it. You can choose any GPS track recording app you wish on a smartphone (including Strava). Here are some GPS recording app options if you are choosing to use your cellphone, and don't yet have a GPS track recording app:

2. Start recording your GPS track at the start of the course, and stop recording at the finish.

3. Send your GPS track to your computer. If you are using a sportwatch or an app like Strava on your phone, you are probably already familiar with this synchronization step and it is already all automatic.

4. Download and save your GPS track. Here are instructions (make sure you choose a < .gpx > file when exporting) for:

    • Strava
    • Garmin Connect
    • Suunto Movescount - it is possible, get in touch with us!
    • GPSLogger & MyTracks: Save the .gpx track that was sent to your email on your computer somewhere that you know (e.g. your Desktop).

5. Use the "Upload Results" button above to submit your gpx file.



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