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Organizers: Caoimhe Murray (Event Director), Brian Ellis (Controller), Robyn Rennie (Assistant), Joanne Woods (Membership)

Map: Cypress Falls

Another chance for some forest orienteering is coming up - join us for a forest training event at Cypress Falls on Sunday 16th August. Cypress Falls is a lovely wooded area tucked along Cypress Creek with amazingly open forest for the coast!

We will have 3 courses

  1. technical long (traditional orienteering course to practice your forest skills)
  2. technical short (traditional orienteering course to practice your forest skills - same technical difficulty as the long but shorter and less physically demanding)
  3. beginner/intermediate - 3 shorter 1km courses ideal for those new to forest orienteering or intermediates who would like to work at developing their forest orienteering skills through a selection of focused training exercises. alternatively they can be run as three regular short courses.

Meet location: Meet at the small park at the top of Woodgreen Drive. Be careful as you drive/walk up, as the roads are all called "Woodgreen Dr/Cres/Rd ". There is minimal parking, so consider car pooling (only within your family group or close social bubble) or park in the lot at the bottom of the hill off Woodgreen Place and walk up (allow 15 minutes to walk up). Also, when parking please be respectful of the residents - don't be a jerk!

Registration On the morning of the event registration will be open from 10am to noon. Course closure 1pm. You must report back to the start even if you do not complete the course so that we do not send out a rescue team to find you.

Events cost - individual: $ 5 / family maximum: $20 (touch less credit card payment). Club membership is also required: Please join here - Membership lasts until the end of the year, and gives you FREE access to all our weekly Wednesday Evening Training events. If you haven't already signed the new COVID-compliant waiver, please do so before heading out on the course.

Social Distancing: As we are still in the midst of a pandemic we remind participants that we must all maintian social distancing, hand washing/sanitizing and wearing masks where required. Participants must stay minimum 2m from anyone not in their household bubble and maintain adequate social distance at all time before, during and after running the training course. Participants must follow the directions of event volunteers and maintain 2m spacing during registration and starts.

We are still asking participants to print their own maps for this event. Please email for your course map. Additionally, participants are not to touch any of the controls out on course in order to minimize contact points at the event. This event is to be run/walked individually (or within your household bubble), obeying all the social distancing recommendations currently in place.

To provide an opportunity to socialize after you have run your course we are planning to have a Zoom session on Sunday August 16th in the evening, where you can discuss your route choices, routes and splits (or self timed splits (if you do them)). Tentative start time 7:00 pm. A link to the Zoom session will be sent to registered participants.

On the morning of the event you must fill out the "Declaration of Health form" and bring a printed copy of it with you to the event. If you are sick - do not come to the event.

To help with social distancing and minimize group size, Orienteering Canada guidelines also recommend not socializing at the event site before or after you have done your course. Please review the linked documents for further guidance from Orienteering Canada and event details.

Declaration of health

Guidelines from Orienteering Canada:

Event safety plan:

As with other recent events, you can register for this event and run it in your own time. However, for your personal safety please let somebody know where you are, and what you are doing. Taking part on your own time is not a sanctioned event; we don't retain any liability for participants. This is a do-at-your-own-risk, training suggestion.

MapRunF (Optional)

The Cypress Falls course can be accessed in the MapRunF app under "Select an Event > Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver > Cypress Falls ". For instructions on setting up the phone app, see the pdf document "How to setup and run MapRunF". Note that if you have an android phone that puts the GPS into sleep mode, that causes issues when attempting to use it for this activity. There is another app called GPS Connected which can also be downloaded and used to lock the GPS to the satellites. Remember to unlock it when you have finished the course. Note that we had issues with some of the controls on the course beeping at the correct location so keep this in mind as you complete your run.

Looking forward to seeing you all out in the forest!




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