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Organizers: Brian Ellis (Assistant), Stan Woods (Course Planner), Joanne Woods (Event Director), Robyn Rennie (Assistant), Joanne Woods (Membership), Bruce Rennie (Controller)

It's been a while since we were able to hold a forest training and we are excited about the chance to go orienteering in the lovely Ioco forest. It has some of the best "white forest" in the lower mainland.

We are planning a forest training opportunity supplemented by the MapRunF app (optional). To spread out the participants, you can come on either Sunday July 19th, or Monday July 20th. Due to current Covid19 guidelines we are not permitted to have competitions and use SI timing, but we can have a multi-day training event. So let's celebrate and have some fun in the forest!

Tentative changes:

- All club members who did their membership and waiver form earlier this year must have completed the NEW waiver form. If you joined the club after June 27, you will have done the NEW waiver form.

- Registration closes Thursday July 16th at midnight - no late registration accepted & no registration on the days of the event.

- A Declaration of Health form must be filled out on the day you attend the event and submitted at the event. (more details will be provided closer to the date).

- There will be a long start window to spread people out both in the parking lot and in the forest: We will have a 5 minute start interval and will use a Google doc to register for start times. Registration is ONLY available via the Google document which was sent out on July 12 to all club members. There is no registration on this webpage. Start window Sunday July 19 from 9:30 - 1:30 and Monday July 20th from 9:30 to 1:00. If you do not work on Monday, please register for the Monday.

- We have use of the Canada Pacific Trials Association (CPTA) parking lot - so a $5/person fee will be charged to cover the cost of the parking. We will accept (and prefer) credit card payment. This is not a typical Why Just Run event - so ignore the WJR fee description at the bottom of this page. There will only be the $5/entry fee for this event. An individual will pay $5. An adult going out with a child will be considered one entry, or a family group going out on the family course together and orienteering together can also be considered one entry.

CPTA have requested that you do not stay around and socialize following the event. There will be a CPTA member on the gate with a list of who has registered and will allow access to the parking lot only if you are on the list (hence the pre-registration requirement).

To provide an opportunity to socialize after you have run your course - we are planning to have a Zoom session on the Monday evening, where you can discuss your route choices and self timed splits (if you do them). Graeme Rennie has agreed to lead this discussion. A tentative idea is to have people join the Zoom session at specific times based on the course they ran, so all the elite would be together and all the expert would be together, etc.

Course Summary

This is a complex, technically challenging area to orienteer and many people have not been forest orienteering for some time.For Safety reasons we would like people to register for a course that they can complete in under 2 hours.Based on experience with running times from the Ioco 2018 event, and because of the relatively high climb and physical demands of this terrain it is recommended that people register for a shorter course then they might do in a typical forest WJR (e.g. McCartney Creek).For example, only young (under 45), fit and skilled orienteerers should register for the ‘Elite’ course.If you typically register for the ‘Elite’ course, but finish well back of the winner, please register for a shorter course such as the ‘Expert’ course.If you typically register for the ‘Expert’ course but finish well back of the winner,please register for a shorter course such as the ‘3K Technical’ course. The ‘3K Technical’ and ‘2K Technical’ courses, have a technical difficulty of 5, but are shorter with less climb and may be a suitable for older or junior orienteerers. The ‘Trail’ course might be a good choice for people that have not done forest orienteering in a while or want an easier technical difficulty. The’ Family’ course is suitable for families or beginner groups.Due to the complexity of this area, for safety reasons, NO ‘beginner’ will be allowed out on their own.

Elite course is printed at 1:10,000 scale, all other courses are printed at 1:7500 scale.Contour Interval is 5 meters.


Course Name

Map Scale

Technical Difficulty








5.0 km

255 m





4.0 km

240 m

3K Technical




2.7 km

165 m

2K Technical




2.1 km

110 m





4.0 km

165 m






105 m

Terrain Notes

This terrain is very complex and rewards disciplined compass work, strong terrain interpretation skills, and navigation that relies more on using the landform features of hills, gullies, rock faces, knolls etc than on locating/following trails. The map only shows the main (relatively permanent) trails.There are many areas where there are temporary tracks and/or rough trails that are not mapped as trails. Knowing where you are at all times will be the key to a successful run. Stay in contact with the map, and enjoy orienteering in this remarkable area!

Patches of bare rock are mapped with a grey screen when all vegetation is absent, and as open (yellow screen) if the rock has a blanket of moss or lichen. Water features include a few small marshes (the smallest marshes may be completely dry), several dry creek beds, and a few active streams. The active streams are not hazardous to cross, and on some trails are crossed by bridges. Vegetation is generally well mapped. Note that white (open forest) generally shows runnable terrain but you should expect to use some significant energy getting over/around fallen timber.



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