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Organizers: Meghan Rance (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Ben Smith (Coach)

Map: UBC

This week's WET will be held in the Acadia portion of the UBC campus. We will meet in the small courtyard in front of Pearl Fever in University Village (2182 Western Parkway). If it is raining we will move to the nearby covered area. The area is very accessible by transit and there is metered street parking nearby.

The area is a technical sprint area with some very limited forest sections. I suggest reviewing your sprint symbol knowledge if you aren't familiar with all of the passable and impassable symbols. On the Expert and Elite courses, I have added some impassable barriers (just on the map not in the terrain so it is honour system) to make the route planning more challenging.

Course lengths are calculated by best route rather than straight line distance.



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