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Course Maps

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Organizer: John Rance (Event Director)

Map: Burnaby Mountain

Start: Very close to where the road passes underneath the building. As you make the final approach to the campus, bear left past the football field and go under the main mall and library area. The start will be on your right as you pass beneath the building. There are several pay parking areas on campus but no freebies. Give yourself a bit of extra time to make the journey to SFU and to find parking.

SI timing will be used so bring your sticks. There will be club sticks to borrow. The course will be about 4.5 kms with an option to shortcut about 750 mts and avoid a dark area. There will be pavement, field and trail running so training shoes without spikes are suitable.

Please sign up by Wednesday noon so enough maps can be produced.

The start location is just southeast of the junction of University Drive and Gaglardi way (see map below).

Event Report

Thanks all for coming out for the great course put on by John. We used Sport Ident at this event. Hope you find the splits useful. A new feature in the ranking results below is available. "Rel +/- points" tell you how well you did in this race compared to your overall average -- positive number means you were faster than average.

Name Time Control 6 Control 16 Finish
Henrik Lofas 28:25 7:45 11:02 9:38
Benoit Turcotte 34:45 8:07 15:23 11:15
Lehel Fenyo 35:24 8:01 12:28 14:55
Petra Olander 36:50 10:02 13:32 13:16
Chris Benn 41:28 8:51 18:09 14:28
Andrea Balakova 42:23 9:39 19:07 13:37
Oscar 43:03 10:45 18:17 14:01
Mike and Terrence 52:05 --:-- 29:12 22:53
George Pugh 53:59 15:14 19:26 19:19
Lannie Thielen 57:30 12:07 28:32 16:51
Gar Fisher 1:01:12 14:17 29:25 17:30


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