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90 Minute Score

Organizers: James Golding (Assistant), Ingrid Weisenbach (Permit), Jeremy Gordon (Course Planner), Jeremy Gordon (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Mike Rascher (Assistant), Chris Benn (Assistant), Robyn Rennie (Host), Chris Ball (Assistant), Dane Low (Assistant), Ben Smith (Assistant), Dawn Mooney (Assistant), Meghan MacLeod (Assistant)

Map: Stanley Park

Choose your own adventure at this year's Stanley Park Why Just Run!

The start and finish will be at Brockton Pavillion, next to the Brockton oval. This is a lovely old clubhouse full of rugby and cricket memorabilia. They will be selling coffee, tea, juice, beer etc starting at 9:00am so have asked that we please support them through these sales. Look forward to enjoying a beer after the event while attending the AGM.

Two options are offered - a 90 minute and 45 minute Score-O - both utilising the same map and controls. Choose the 45 minute option if you'd prefer to spend less time out there.

  • The 90-minute course will have a mass-start at 10:30am.
  • The 45-minute course will have a mass-start at 11:15am.
  • Both courses will finish at 12 noon.

Note: registration will close at 11am to allow volunteers to run.

The GVOC AGM starts at 12:30pm at the same location - please sign up here


  • there won't be any refreshments provided for the WJR as free food and paid-for drinks will be available at the AGM
  • Please bring a change of footwear and clothing to keep the floors dry and yourselves warm

New to Score-O events?

Score events have no set route - your map will only show you the start and finish (same location) and all available controls. Each control is worth a certain number of points - either 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70. Your task is to choose your route, scoring as many points as possible - and return before the time limit is up to avoid time penalties.



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