Organizers: Ben Smith (Organizer), Adam Woods (Organizer), Alison Schoenhardt (Event Director)

Map: Cypress Falls

With the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships coming up, this is your opportunity to do some forest-specific orienteering training. Orienteering in the forest is a different challenge to our mostly urban Vancouver-based maps. In the forest you'll have to rely on contour features, using handrails, having solid attackpoints, and have some relocation skills in your back pocket. If you are unsure about what any of those terms mean, or you know what they mean but don't really utilize them in your orienteering, then this event is for you!

Our training will take place at Cypress Falls. There will be a number of short training exercises that will focus on various orienteering techniques. Some of our more experienced club members will be on hand for coaching and guidance. You can complete as much or as little as you like.

Cost for the event is same as our Why Just Run weekend events, in order to cover our costs (see below). However, the timing is more relaxed so you can start any time between 10am and 12 noon, and complete as many of the exercises as you like. You must be back at the start/finish area by 2pm. Please sign up below by Friday June 22, so we can print enough resources!

UPDATE: Meet location: Meet at the small park at the top of Woodgreen Drive. Be careful as you drive/walk up, as the roads are all called "Woodgreen Dr/Cres/Rd ". There is minimal parking, so consider car pooling or park in the lot at the bottom of the hill off Woodgreen Place and walk up (allow 15 minutes to walk up). Also, when parking please be respectful of the residents - don't be a jerk!

Regular "Why Just Run:" events cost adult: $10 / under 20: $5 / family maximum: $20 (sorry, we only accept cash and cheques - no credit or debit). Club membership is also required: adult newcomer: $10 / adult renewal: $15 / under 20: $5 / family maximum: $30 (sorry, we only accept cash and cheques - no credit or debit). Membership lasts until the end of the year, and gives you FREE access to all our weekly Wednesday Evening Training events.

Please direct any questions to Alison (click on name above to send an email)


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