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Organizers: Brian Ellis (Organizer), Marg Ellis (Organizer)

Location: Prince of Wales Secondary School, 2250 Eddington Dr, Vancouver. Room #A-103. Enter through the main school entrance, off Eddington Drive.

Who should take this course?

Perhaps you have never planned a WET event and would like to try planning one. Maybe you have already planned several WETs but want to find out how to make your WETs even better? Or you just might want to learn what is involved in orienteering course-planning and event organization. Whatever your motivation, everyone is welcome to join us at this Level O100 officials workshop.

Did we mention that all volunteers organizing WETs must have Level 100 certification for insurance purposes (smile)?

What will I learn?

This course is designed to teach the basic principles of successful orienteering, both for your own skill development and to assist you with organization and course planning for a WET level event. You will learn the characteristics of a good course, and how to avoid common mistakes in course planning. We will also deal with practical questions: how do you get the map you need? what software is available to use for laying out your course on the map? how do you advertise your WET event on the GVOC the website and through the email list? and much more!

The certification process includes:
• Attend the 100 level course
• Write an open book exam at home
• Plan a beginner course and an intermediate course that meet WET (C event) standards
• Act as an event director and course planner for a WET (C event) with help from an experienced orienteer

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Brian (bee AT msl dot ubc dot ca) or Marg.

The course is free but please register in advance so that we know how many materials to produce. Come equipped to take notes (pen, paper and/or e-notes)



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