Organizer: Thomas Nipen (Event Director)

Map: Robert Burnaby Park

Change of plans:

Hi everyone!

It looks like were going to be 7 people tomorrow! I'm not sure a relay will
be all that exciting with 2 1/3 teams :)

I have a pile of maps from a good course John Rance set at Robert Burnaby
Park for the sprint trianing camp. I think most people haven't run that one.
I propose that those that are still interested run that one. I will make
this a low key event (training). There will be pinflags out there.

The starting area will still be as before.

Sorry for all this, but I think it can still be fun!

Meet at 9:45.

Pre-registration <<
Please register on this website Saturday at 2pm.

Location <<

Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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