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Organizer: Thomas Nipen (Event Director)

Come out to the first WET on the new Acadia Sprint Map!
Please meet at the community centre right next to the tall residence tower.

The course will be a one-person relay: Two loops to start off with that are forked, followed by a common third loop.

Headlamp needed, shorts ok (definitely for Des and Gar!).
Please sign up as soon as possible, even if you are not 100% sure you will come - that way I won't print too few maps.

Hope to see you all there!!

Parking <<
There is free parking after 6:00 pm alon Western parkway and on the north side of Agronomy road as indicated in the image below.

Alternatively, there is parking at the University Hill Secondary school (also see image below).

You should be able to the see the ~20 story apartment building that is SE of to the community centre.

Directions <<
From 10th avenue westbound.
To Parking at the school: Take a left onto Acadia Road when you get out of the forest and start getting into the UBC area. Follow Acadia Road for 617 meters, and you'll see the school on the left hand side. Then to get to the meeting area, walk back along Acadia Road until Fairview Avenue. Take a left and walk til you see a big parking lot. The community centre is on the other side of the parking lot.

To parking at Western Parkway: Go past the Acadia Road intersection. Go past the lights at the McDonalds, turn left onto Western Parkway about 50 meters before the lights to Wesbrook Mall. Continue for about 400 meters until you see signs for free parking after 6:00 pm. You should be almost at the T-junction to Fairview Avenue. You can also look on the north side of Agronomy Road. Then to get to the meeting area, folllow Western parkway out to Fairview Avenue, take a left and follow the road til you see the community centre on the other side of the field. Approximately 300 meters walk.


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