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Organizer: Gar Fisher (Event Director)

Map: Vanier Park

25 Controls, 5.7 Km, A runner's course. Meet at 6:30pm, start at 6:45

Event ReportIt was a dark and stormy night. On this inauspicious beginning, only two people from my running club made it out ( they bravely soldiered there way around the course with a minimum of tutoring, they have my respect). The rest of the fair- weather guys wimped out.

I was a bit taken aback by the really excellent turn-out, kind of thru a monkey wrench into my plans for a staggered start. Ultimately, I had to switch from the staggered start plan when a posse of angry, cold orienteers threatened me with lynching if I didn't get my #$% in gear. I saved my skin by giving each of the malefactors a map and telling them to get the $#@% out of my sight.

Hope everybody had a good time!



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