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Organizer: Meghan Rance (Event Director)

NOTE: The long start has been changed to 12pm.

This year the GVOC Championships will be held in Stanley Park on Sunday, September 24. Do not be intimidated by the title "championship" this event is for everybody that wants to participate.

The event will consist of two races with a bit of a break in between . The sprint race will be held on a brand new 1:5000 map of the area from Lumberman's Arch to the Brockton Point Lighthouse. It is a short course of approximately 3kms. For the experienced competitive orienteer sprint orienteering is a challenge in quick decision making at high speeds. For those more recreationally inclined it is a chance for a beautiful stroll in the park. The terrain will be mostly open park with a few forested areas.

A string course will be held in conjunction with the sprint. A string course is a course that is flagged the whole way so that children can complete the course by themselves.

In the afternoon, an event with longer courses will be held. There will be three courses available. A beginner's course, a long technical course (approximately 10km) and a short technical course (approximately 5km). The event will be held on the unrevised 1:10000 map which is quite unreliable in many of its point features. Therefore, the course is designed with route choice rather than intricate technical orienteering in mind.

The Sprint
First start: 10 am
Location: The Meadow between the Aquarium and Lumberman's arch. There are several parking areas nearby.
SI will be used.
The Long race
First start: 12pm
Location: Picnic area on Park Road 500 metres South West of Prospect point viewpoint.
Old fashioned needle punches and punch cards will be used.

Bring a picnic and enjoy a beautiful Sunday in the park!

Prices (+ 4$ membership fee if not a member of an orienteering club)

Junior(<19): $5
Adult: $10
Family: $20

Remember that there is pay parking throughout Stanley Park. A ticket for the whole day costs 6$

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