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Organizers: Adam Woods (Event Director), Stan Woods (Coach), Hilary Anderson (Controller), Adam Woods (Course Planner), George Pugh (Membership), Jeremy Gordon (Membership), Ev Cousins (Membership), Karen Lachance (Membership), Jules Tough (Membership), Marg Ellis (Permit)

Map: Robert Burnaby Park

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  • 9:30 am - Registration Opens
  • 10:00 am - The start window opens and runners may begin to run their chosen course. (The starts are self selected). People are welcome to run together but let the starter know when you get to the front of the line.
  • 11:15 am - The last starter is allowed to go out - no more after this time please.
  • 13:00pm - All runners should have reported back to the finish and the course is closed.

Course Notes

The map is a mix of open areas with scattered trees, and a dense a trail network. It's the same 1:5000 scale used at WETs. Due to invasive species in the park, we have been asked to stay within arms length of the trails when running through the forested sections of the map. All controls are within arms length of the trail. Bring a dry pair of socks and shoes - there's a decent chance your feet will get wet on the non-beginner courses.

We're offering a 2 km Beginner course for anyone new to orienteering or with young kids.
If you've come to a WET before you'll be able to complete the 3.5 km Intermediate course.
The 4km Expert and 5.5km Elite feature complex route choice. I'm estimating 40 min winning times for these courses due to the climb.



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