Organizers: Ian Collings (Event Director), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Event Director)

Thanks everyone who came out this weekend and for all the help with registration and control pickup. Once again lucked out with the weather and had a great weekend bashing through the Salal! Results are posted as well. Apologies if there are mistakes or missing times, but had to work with pretty limited battery. Until next time!



Join us over on Newcastle Island for a great weekend of orienteering and camping! Newcastle Island Park is a no-vehicle park a short water-taxi from Nanaimo. It is easily accessed and thoroughly relaxing.


If you're coming to the island from Vancouver: Walk-on the Nanaimo Ferry from Horseshoe Bay and then walk/taxi to the Newcastle Island Water Taxi at Maffeo Sutton Park.

Maffeo Sutton Park will be used on Saturday for the Nanaimo Pride Parade. Come early... or expect to be delayed by the party. There will likely be a queue of Newcastle Island goers if the weather is nice. Schedule and info here:

Costs (please bring cash):

The Newcastle Water Taxi charges $5 per person. May be additional charges for bikes and or extra baggage.
Camping $10 per adult per night; $5 per child per night. This is a BC Parks fee. You do not need to book camping - we've booked a group site.
Orienteering Event: $10 per adult per day; $5 per child per day


Saturday Morning (or Friday): Arrive anytime and set up camp (we've rented group-site G3 look for the GVOC banner up past the main building a short walk after disembarking from the ferry).

Saturday 12:00PM: Starts
Saturday 2:30PM: Final Starts
Saturday 4:30PM: Course Cutoff time - must return to the finish.

Saturday 6:00PM Informal potluck at the Campsite, campfire, merriment.

Sunday 8:30AM: Starts
Sunday 10:30AM: Final Starts
Sunday 12:30PM: Course Cutoff time - must return to the finish.

Additional Details:

This will be a low key event, and GVOC will not be providing food or drink, so everyone is on their own. Basically come prepared to camp and bring anything (food and comforts) you may want. There are washrooms and drinking water taps available on the island near the campsite. Weather is supposed to be decent, but not a bad idea to be prepared for the elements as well, as there are only a few small covered areas in the camping area, which are first come-first served.


If you haven't orienteered at Newcastle before, the map requires a little imagination. Despite being most recently updated in 2012 (apparently), terrain can be fairly difficult to interpret, terrain features can be ranging from hiding to returning to nature to not even there. That being said, we were able to vet MOST of the areas that will be used this weekend and found running on the terrain to be really fun (if you stick to the vague animal paths), but Ian and Nathan take no responsibility for the accuracy of the map, your ability to interpret, or if you are attacked by a family of mongooses. Mongeese. Muskrats? Beavers? Watch out for them! This weekend is sure to be fun and full of character building...


Course Maps

Saturday - Long Elite

Saturday - Medium Advanced

Saturday - Short Easy

Sunday - Long Elite

Sunday - Medium Advanced

Sunday - Short Easy


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