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Organizers: George Pugh (Event Director), Alex Kerr (Event Director), Jeremy Gordon (Event Director)

All welcome to a great event!

Beginner and seasoned Orienteerers are invited to the 14th annual Spring Ramble in the Malcolm C. Knapp / UBC Demonstration Forest. This may be the best Orienteering location close to Vancouver in the Fraser Valley.

There will be 70+ Scouts and Army Cadets running on courses 1 to 3 but anyone can run on any course.

A great opportunity for families and beginners. A brief introduction to orienteering will be available starting 9:30AM.

Snacks and jiuce provided after event.

Event Report

What a turnout! It was terrific to see so many Scouts, Cadets, keen new faces appearing, and old faces returning!

Many thanks to the Scouts for putting on a compass course, which was a much appreciated addition to the event. Also, many thanks to all you energetic Scouters for bringing so many youth along and for handling all that energy. And thanks so much to everyone for your patience and support, as we struggled to accomodate over 100 Scouts when we had expected only 20.

Plans for next year include pre-registration to ensure we are better prepared, more activities to introduce or reinforce map concepts for youth before they do the courses, and a written handout for Scout Leaders, which we'll try to send out ahead of the event.

Results for scouts, cubs and others, who punched manually.

Results for cadets and orienteers, who used electronic punching.


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