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Organizer: Charlie Palmer (Event Director)

Map: Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby Mountain Score-O
A few minutes before the start you will get a map with control locations. Controls are worth different point values (high points for remote controls with big climbs). Pick a route that will give maximum points in the time you have available (one or two-hours).
Planning your route will require careful analysis - you probably won't get all the controls, so which route will net you the most points in the time available? 
Collect as many points as possible in your allotted time, and then return to the finish - penalties for tardiness. Penalties and time difference will decide between orienteers that have equal points, and if that doesn't decide, the orienteer with the cleanest shoes will win.
Do the right thing! - Please register below, or email me Charlie,
Meet in the parking lot at 10:30 am for orienteering tips. You will get a small map with 3 controls, and club member George Pugh will take you for a "map walk" training. Make yourself known to a club member and ask to join George .

Event Report

                                <span class="article">What a beautiful day! There is no better view of Vancouver than from Burnaby Mountain, and with the spectacular weather on on Sunday, the city and the North Shore Mountains were looking stunning. <br /><br />Not that some orienteers were looking at the views - Magnus Johansson, Ted de St. Croix, Thomas Nipen and Louise Oram scorched around the mountain and got maximum points (430) within the time limit. Magnus was first male home and claimed the win in the two-hour event, and Louise won the woman's. Robin Foubister and Christine McCormack also had great runs, winning the men's and woman's one-hour events with 270 and 198 points respectively. <br /><br />It was great to see so many new faces, and plenty of young faces too. Three or four families entered the event in teams, and other family members ran individually. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.<br /><br /></b><p>
                                  <span class="article">Thanks to everyone that came out and raced, and especially to those that helped organize the event; Kirsty Dick (event planning and food), Marta Green and Alex (peer review and control hanging), Jeremy Gordon (registration), Margo Mactaggart (event planning, registration and equipment), George Pugh (new orienteer training) and Magnus Johansson (event planning).</b></p><p />

                                    <table style="WIDTH: 90%; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
                                            <span class="article"><b>name</b> </b></td><td>
                                              <span class="article"><b>class</b> </b></td><td>
                                                <span class="article"><b>event</b> </b></td><td>
                                                  <span class="article"><b>score</b> </b></td><td>
                                                    <span class="article"><b>penalties</b> </b></td><td>
                                                      <span class="article"><b>total</b> </b></td><td>
                                                        <span class="article"><b>time</b> </b></td><td>
                                                          <span class="article"><b>place</b> </b></td></tr><tr>
                                                              <span class="article">Christine McCormack</b></td><td>
                                                                <span class="article">F</b></td><td>
                                                                  <span class="article">one-hour</b></td><td align="right">

                                                                  <td align="right">

                                                                  <td align="right">
                                                                    <span class="article">198</b></td><td align="right">
                                                                      <span class="article">1:03</b></td><td align="right">
                                                                        <span class="article">1</b></td></tr><tr>
                                                                            <span class="article">Mareese Keane</b></td><td>
                                                                              <span class="article">F</b></td><td>
                                                                                <span class="article">one-hour</b></td><td align="right">

                                                                                <td align="right">
                                                                                  <span class="article">11</b></td><td align="right">
                                                                                    <span class="article">189</b></td><td align="right">
                                                                                      <span class="article">1:02</b></td><td align="right">
                                                                                        <span class="article">2</b></td></tr><tr>
                                                                                            <span class="article">Kirsty Dick</b></td><td>
                                                                                              <span class="article">F</b></td><td>
                                                                                                <span class="article">one-hour</b></td><td align="right">

                                                                                                  <span class="article">


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