Organizer: Rachel F (Coach)

Tuesday night track workout

Warmup jog - 10-20 minutes (relaxed talking pace)

Brief dynamic movements: ankle rotations/movements, leg swings, arm swings, shoulder/neck shrugs

Intervals at top/safe speed sustainable for interval duration and track/asphalt conditions -- stop if speed/quality decreasing.

Option 1: up to 6x[1:30min, 1:30min Rest]

Option 2: up to 10x[25-30sec, 1:30min Rest]

Option 3: 15-20minute track tempo run

Cooldown jog - no less than 5 minutes (relaxed talking pace)

Comment: Conditions-snowy; Modified workout to accomodate sno


O-Athletes (4): Rachel F, Pia, Eric C, Marissa; (+ 2)


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