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Organizer: Alison Schoenhardt (Event Director)

Map: Grand Boulevard/Greenwood Park

Thanks everyone for showing up to this sunny WET! I didn't post times for the corridor course, since you could each choose a different route, so the times would not be comparable.


Meet at the corner of Moody Ave and 22nd Street in North Vancouver. Grand Boulevard is under construction, so allow some extra travel time or consider taking transit.

Note: this is a forested area with lots of rocks and roots. When it's wet, it's slippery. Please wear your grippiest shoes (road runners are not recommended) and be careful out there!

There will be 3 courses offered. Note that this is a forested area with elevation change, so don't be fooled by the distances...

Beginner - suitable for newcomers, families, and those who have been a couple of times. This course will be on trails and around 1.1km (as the crow flies... you'll be walking/running longer than that).

Intermediate - 1.8km course, with some off-trail options and route choice. Suitable for those who've been out orienteering a couple of times or want a longer run

Corridor-O - in this option you'll get a map with only a corridor of terrain to follow. You'll have to check off features as you follow along. Run from feature to another feature within sight- that way you always know where you are or where you are about to be. This option is suitable for anyone who's confident with their map reading skills and wants an extra challenge!


6:15pm Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners

6:30pm Starts

8pm Course Closure, participants must report to the Finish before leaving. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL!


Safety Precautions

Always use good judgement and common sense. Carry a whistle at all times. Headlamps are essential to see and be seen. Take care when crossing roads and parking lots. Watch out for other runners, cyclists, and trail/sidewalk users.

Parking/Start/Finish Locations

Meet at Moody and 22nd, North Vancouver. Parking is available in the area - just watch for residential-only parking signs. You may need to park down the hill a little and walk/run up - consider doing this as a warm up!!!!

Post-Event dining

There are a number of delicious eateries along Lonsdale - White Spot, Indian, Persian, Sushi... we'll make a decision on the day, but it'll be somewhere yummy! Bring your wallet!


Without volunteers, these events cannot take place. A hearty thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at upcoming WETs/WJRs or would like to organize a WET please let us know.



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