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Organizer: Charlie Palmer (Event Director)

Map: Vanier Park

This Wednesday's WET will be held in and around Vanier Park (on the SW side of the Burrard Bridge). Registration from around 6:30 pm at the Kitsilano Beach / Hadden Parks car parking area west of the Maritime Museum (just south of the 90 degree bend where Ogden Ave and Maple Street intersect). This is a pay parking lot, so if you're driving bring some coins.
The mass start will be at 6:45pm.
There are two courses (long 7 km, short 5 km), both of which have a mystery control to test your memory skills. You will generally be running on park trails and roads, but there are a few boggy areas. Bring a headlamp.

Event Report

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          It was quite possibly the worst night for orienteering that the GVOC has ever had - or so Thomas thought. Whether it was is not really relevant, it was without a doubt quite disgusting weather - driving ice particles coming off the sea, sleet, rain and a bitter wind. Everyone should be congratulated for getting out on such a night, and especially as everyone did the long course. Extra points for those that actually touched the control on top of the 'ziggurat' - earlier in the week it was dry, but after all the storms there was a moat to jump across.


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