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Organizers: Hilary Anderson (Event Director), Stan Woods (Coach), Rachel Howard (Membership)

Map: Memorial South


Welcome to a new Urban Sprint Map! The map scale is 1:2500 with 2m contours. Memorial South Park is small but busy with people enjoying cricket, lacrosse, ultimate, baseball, soccer, tennis, track running, as well as strolling about and socializing. So, please be very attentive and adjust your route to avoid disturbing other users or disrupting any games. In particular, please do not cross baseball fields if there is an organized game on, even if you do not think it will disturb the game. 


6:15pm Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners

6:30pm Starts

8pm Course Closure, participants must report to the Finish before leaving.


The Beginner course is 1.3 km with a focus on learning the different map symbols.

For all others there are 4 short courses - do only one, or more, as you wish:

Courses A and B (each ~1.5 km, 12 controls) are standard point-to-point courses – run/walk one or both in either order.

Although a compass is not needed for a feature-rich urban map like this one, the training goal for improving your skills is to use these courses to practice taking quick and accurate compass bearings (and evaluate their/your limitations) ready for those times in feature-poor forest when you really need to use them.

Courses C and D (each 1 km, 6 controls) are memory-O courses – view the map at the start, plan your point-to-point route, memorize it, then visit each control in order. Course C uses a selection of controls already visited in A and B. Course D is harder because it uses new controls. Return to the start to recheck the map as often as you need, but it will cost you time and energy….

The training goal is to practice “simplifying” the map and focusing only on key features needed to navigate each leg. 

Prizes!!!: For an added challenge one flag in Course C and all the flags in Course D each have a letter. Remember these and record them with the Event organizer at the end. There will be a prize in each of four age categories (16 and under; 17-40; 41-60; over 61) for the fastest runner who has completed all 4 courses and also remembered the correct Memory-O code sequence. Time will be counted from the start of the first course to the end of the fourth course, so don’t lounge around between courses!

Safety Precautions

Watch out for cars on the road in the middle of the park, and for other park users.

Parking/Start/Finish Locations

Park in the small car park halfway along Ross Street on the east side of Memorial South Park. If the car park is full, there is free parking further south along Ross Street as well as along 45th Avenue. The start and finish are by the car park.

Post-Event Dining



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