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Come out this Wednesday, September 28, 2005 to beautiful Trout Lake, and run
the GVOC middle distance champs!!

Registration begins at 5:30pm. You may start between 5:45pm and 6:30pm.
Please note that the course closes at 7:15pm
Sport Ident timing will be used, so bring your SI stick if you have,
otherwise you can borrow one.

Map <<
Trout Lake, 2004
Scale: 1: 5000, 2m contours

Categories <<
(Winning times will be around 30 minutes)
Course 1: 2.0 km Beginner
Course 2: 4.0 km F/M 16 and under
Course 2: 4.0 km F/M 45+
Course 3: 5.5 km F/M 17-44

Directions <<
The finish area will be near the parking lot in the south part of John
Hendry Park. This is the main parking lot just north of E 19th avenue
between Victoria Drive and Nanaimo Street.

Cost <<
$5* for adults
$3* for youth (1985+)
*includes post-race food.

Registration <<
Please register online at before Tuesday evening.

Hope to see you all there!

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Short Advanced
Long advanced (loop 1, loop 2)


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