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Organizers: Karen Lachance (Membership), John Rance (Coach), Marg Ellis (Coach), Brian Ellis (Assistant), Michel Roberge (Assistant), Jules Tough (Membership), Scott Muma (Assistant), Mike Rascher (Assistant), Emma Sherwood (Coach), Ben Smith (Coach), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Assistant), Jeremy Gordon (Assistant), Hilary Anderson (Event Director)

Map: UBC

Thank you for coming to the UBC LONG event today!

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Contact me if you have any queries.

It was great to see dozens of new participants from Acadia families - many thanks for allowing GVOC to run through your neighbourhood! We hope you had fun trying out orienteering and that we see you again at another event.

Finally, as always, many thanks to all the volunteers who make these events possible.



Welcome to the Urban Long at UBC!

MAP: This event has a long format but is set on an urban sprint orienteering map (ISSOM 2007 standard) with a lot of detail at 1:5000 for the two longest courses and 1:4000 for all others. The map has many small parks and landscaped areas set within a maze of buildings. While the controls themselves may not be hard to find, finding the most efficient route between controls will require sustained concentration, especially on the longest courses.

TIME: CLOCKS GO BACK SATURDAY NIGHT - EXTRA HOUR SUNDAY MORNING! Start any time between 10:00 and 11:00 am. Course closes at 1:00 pm. All competitors must report back to the finish before 1:00 pm.

COURSES: Six courses are available: advanced courses ~ 10.5 km, 8.5 km and 4.5 km long, an intermediate course ~3 km long, a beginner course ~1.5 km long and, for families with young children, a Tiny-O course of ~700m that uses cartoon characters on the controls. There will be water provided at the finish but none out on the courses so you may wish to carry your own with you. Courses close at 1pm, so choose your course according to your speed as well as your navigation ability and arrive for an early start if you need more time. Please sign up before Friday 9:00 pm to ensure a map is printed for you.

BEGINNERS: After you have registered at 9:30 am there will be several coaches providing an "Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners".

SAFETY NOTES: Please note it is forbidden to be in any out-of-bounds areas. These areas are mapped as olive green around housing units and for flowerbeds/gardens and as purple hatching at construction sites and other areas closed to the public. It is also forbidden to cross fences and walls marked as uncrossable (even if you think you are capable of crossing them), or to go through buildings. Roads should be crossed only at marked intersections.

START LOCATION/PARKING: Registration and start will be at Norma Rose Elementary School on the east side of the UBC campus. It is readily accessible by public transit: Buses stop on University Boulevard to the north and on West 16th Avenue to the southeast. Both stops are only a short walk from the school. If you drive, there is free parking (2 hour section or all day section) along West 16th Avenue. There is also pay parking (meters and parkades) throughout campus (



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