Organizers: Ian Saari (Event Director), Kate Knapp (Coach), Karen Lachance (Membership), Rachel Howard (Membership), Adam Woods (Coach)

Map: Grand Boulevard/Greenwood Park


To get everyone excited for this weekend's sprint orienteering tournament in Seattle, and to provide a little last minute training, the event this week will be forest and urban O-Tervals. Groups of three will run a series of short, forked courses, starting and finishing together each time. The objective is to encourage aggressive orienteering at race pace. It is recommended to run with those of similar speed. To save flags, the starts and finishes are at the same spot, marked as triangles on the maps.

A regular point-to-point beginner course will also be available.

The forest portion will be run first, to use what daylight there is. However, please remember to bring a headlamp anyway, as it gets dark in the forest early.


6:15 pm - Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners

6:30 pm - Starts begin for both courses

8:00 pm - Course Closure, participants must report to the Finish by Course Closure Time.


O-Tervals - Full course is about 4 km, but it can be shortened by leaving off the last O-terval.

Beginner - Point-to-point. Distance to be determined.

Safety Precautions:

Please take care when crossing streets.

Parking/Start/Finish Locations:

We will meet at Queensbury Elementary School.

Post-Event Dining: 



Without volunteers, these events cannot take place. A hearty thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at upcoming WETs/WJRs or would like to organize a WET please let us know.


Course Maps




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