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Organizers: Louise Oram (Event Director), Magnus Johansson (Event Director)

Map: Softball City

Hi All,

We finally have permision to use most of this area, and will be holding the event!

There will be 1 sprint, and then 3 courses (beginner, medium, long), where we will start you off in order depending on how you do in the sprint. You may also opt not to run the sprint, and start on the longer course first.


Event Report

Sprint results:

Sprint splits:

Overall results:

Robin Foubister 

10:34:00  11:14:17 00:40:17L
Lehel Fenyo10:45:0011:26:5000:41:50 L
Mike Smith10:40:0011:23:5500:43:55 L
Alexandra Klebhnikova


10:57:0011:46:3500:49:35 L
Chris Benn10:43:3011:33:5000:50:20 L
Bob Lee


10:54:3011:46:1600:51:46 L
Ben Hall


10:36:0011:28:0800:52:08 L
Rick Bresman


10:53:3011:47:3500:54:05 L
Meghan Rance


10:42:3011:38:1000:55:40 L
Erica Ellis


10:48:0011:46:4000:58:40 L
Kean Williams


10:41:0011:50:4001:09:40 L
Brian Ellis


10:39:0011:24:4000:45:40 M
John Rance


10:59:3011:51:5000:52:20 M
Chris Oram


11:01:0011:54:0000:53:00 M
George Pugh


10:41:0011:37:0000:56:00 M
Marg Ellis


10:43:0011:41:1000:58:10 M
Jeremy Gordon


11:02:0012:04:3001:02:30 M
Margo Mactaggart


11:04:0012:06:5001:02:50 M
Marnie Conklin


10:47:0011:55:3901:08:39 M
Jim Waddington


09:44:0010:53:3001:09:30 M
Sue Waddington


09:44:0010:53:3001:09:30 M
Karen Lachance


10:59:0012:18:0001:19:00 M
Bob Mastico


10:48:3012:11:0001:22:30 M
Gar Fisher10:55:3012:22:3001:27:00 M
Dan Coombs (and baby)10:39:2012:11:2001:32:00 M
Alex Kerr




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