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Organizer: Thomas Nipen (Event Director)

Directions to meet site:
Central Park:
        Meet in the south parking lot (off Imperial Road). To get there, go
east along 49th, cross Boundary Road. 49th then turns into Imperial Road.
Take the first left (north) after Boundary Road into the parking lot in
Central Park.

Champlain Heights.
        From Central park, go back onto Imperial Road west bound. Go past
Boundary Road, and turn left (south) onto Arlington Street. The finish area
is along the left hand side after 300 m. Parking should be available along
the street.



NOTE: Instead of the planned Long Distance Orienteering Event in North Vancouver, GVOC is moving the event to Central Park and Champlain Heights. The North Vancouver event will take place next April.

GVOC invites you to the 2004 GVOC Club Championships help at Central Park and in Champlain Heights on Sunday December 5, 2004. The event is set in two stages: The prologue at Central Park, followed by a chase start in Champlain Heights. The results of the prologue will base the start order in the chase: The fastest orienteer in the prologue will be the first to start in the chase - first across the finish line is the winner! Beginners have the opportunity to practise their orienteering skills at a separate course at the Champlain Heights event.

Stay tuned for further details on where to meet for the event.

Last year's champions:

            Female Open: Louise Oram
            Male Open: Ted de St. Croix
            Female Master: Mel Dutkiewicz
            Male Master: Ove Albinsson

            Male 16: Derek Rennie
            Female 14: Katrina Dutkiewicz
            Male 14: Graeme Rennie

Prologue: Central Park
            Registration: 9:00 - 9:45am
            Starts: 10:00 - 10:30am (no pre-assigned start times - start when you are ready!)
            Terrain type: Detailed park areas mixed in residential areas.

Chase: Champlain Heights
            Registration (for beginners): After 12:00
            Start: 12:00 + your time in the prologue
            Terrain type: Forested park, and a few open areas.

            Course             Prologue           Final               Total
            Course 1          --                    3 km                3 km
            Course 2          3 km                4 km                7 km
            Course 3          3 km                7 km                10 km

            Note: GVOC members receive a $3 reduction in fees.
            Category                      Age      Course             Cost
            Female Open                Any      Course 3          $13
            Male Open                   Any      Course 3          $13
            Female Masters            45+      Course 2          $13
            Male Masters               45+      Course 2          $13
            Female Youth               16-       Course 2          $8
            Male Youth                  16-       Course 2          $8
            Beginners                     Any      Course 1          $8

            Register online at, or e-mail Thomas Nipen at before Saturday at 6:00pm

          If you are interested in helping out at the event, e-mail Thomas Nipen at

Hope to see you all there!
Thomas Nipen

Event Report

Thanks to everyone for participating at this year's GVOC championships!

Congratulations to George Pugh, Margo Mactaggart, Christian Ackeret, and Lehel Fenyo for being the 2004 GVOC champions!


Short course (2.8 km, 4.0 km, total: 6.8 km)

1 George Pugh0:22:440:31:110:53:55
2 John Rance0:24:020:31:070:55:09
3 Christian Ackeret0:28:460:26:370:55:23
4 Alex Kerr0:27:050:31:140:58:19
5 Chris Oram0:28:120:38:301:06:42
6 Margo Mactaggart0:32:180:39:381:11:56
7 Karen Lachance0:35:550:36:051:12:00
8 Carson Chu0:36:380:38:051:14:43

Long course (2.8 km, 6.2 km, total: 9.0 km)

1 Lehel Fenyo0:18:070:36:470:54:54
2 Magnus Johansson0:19:250:35:490:55:14
3 Robin Foubister0:17:240:37:550:55:19
4 Daniel Coombs0:21:540:47:371:09:31
5 Richard Vurdela0:19:130:50:521:10:05
6 Desmond Mott0:24:040:46:581:11:02
7 Chris Benn0:25:080:47:341:12:42
8 Charlie Palmer0:26:000:48:541:14:54
9 Danilo Caron0:34:450:56:551:31:40

Thanks also to Louise Oram for making awards, and placing controls.

Thomas Nipen
Meet director


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