Organizer: Louise Oram (Event Director)

The e-mail list is down... i have been trying to send this to people for many days.... Hi All, We had difficulty in getting permision to use the sunnyside area, and therefore are forced to cancel/postpone the meet. The area is new, and I was not aware that it was not only a city park (which would have been a simple procedure), but also came under the jurisdiction of some sort of preservation society whose permision we also have to get. This is not that easy, since a meeting has to be set up with several people and a democratic decision has to be reached about our usage. Discusions have been had over telephone and e-mail, and we are working towards an agreement. We are hopeful that the outcome will be positive, and that this event will be put on at a later date (december/january), and will keep you posted! I am very sorry about cancelling it, but I felt that people would prefer to have the event on a new map, rather than on one they have seen many times before (if I were to move it). Thanks for your understanding, I am very sorry for any inconvenience.Louise

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