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Organizers: Joanne Woods (Event Director), Scott Muma (Coach), Sergio Fernández (Coach), Adam Woods (Controller), Karen Lachance (Membership)

Put on your thinking caps! School might be (or might not be) back "in session" and to celebrate we're using our brains for Memory-O.

There will be a point to point beginner course and a longer Memory-O for everyone else. The Memory-O will be a great mental and interval workout!  Bring your control description holders as there will be separate control descriptions available for the Memory O course.  When doing the Memory O, there will be an option of doing a shorter version of the course. 

How it works: At the start you will only see a small section of the map, showing you the start location and control #1. You memorize your route, and run (or walk) to control #1. Once you are at control #1, you will see another small section of the map, showing you where you came from (start to #1) and the leg from control 1 to control 2. You go to control #2 and will find a section of the map leading you to the next control, and so on. For those people who do not trust their memory you can carry a map which will be folded, and sealed in a plastic bag so you cannot read the map . If required, you can open the plastic bag so you can relocate. However a penalty time will be added to your score for needing to open the bag. If you choose not to carry the back-up map, your other option if you get lost, will be to run back to the last control and look at the map again.

For those people who do not want the challenge of the memory O, there will be an option of an Intermediate point to point course.

We will be meeting at Northeast end of the school field at Cameron elementary school.  Recommended parking is on the west side of Lougheed mall parking lot (west of Safeway, London Drugs and Ihop).

The start location is a short walk from the Lougheed Town Center skytrain station.

Marissa will have her slack line there for those who want to try slack lining.  Any other slack line enthusiasts can bring their slack lines too, as there are several trees nearby which can be used.

After event dinner will be at the local Red Robin or Sushi Gen Restaurant depending on consensus.  No need to drive to those restaurants, just walk across the street.  All participants are invited to join in.



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