Organizer: Magnus Johansson (Event Director)

Map: Byrne Creek

From February 7-9 GVOC will be hosting orienteers from across the country and across the border for the 9th annual Vancouver Sprint Camp. The Sunday schedule for Sprint Camp will also be the WJR for February.

If you have already registered for the full sprint camp you do NOT need to register here as well.

The WJR will consist of 2 sprint events - a set-up at Byrne Creek Ravine and a chase at Deer Lake North.

The courses at both will have a 15 minute winning time for the fastest orienteers. If you are one of the fastest runners on your course at Byrne Creek, you will be in the Chase at Deer Lake. The person who was fastest at Byrne Creek will start first and everyone else in the chase will start the number of seconds behind that person that they were in the set-up. 

Anyone who does not make the chase will be able to start in a mass start before chase starts.


Two courses will be offered - Short and Long. The short is ideal for people who do not run as fast anymore or who are less experienced experienced orienteers. The Long is better for people who want to go a little faster and further.


Do not be intimidated by the description. Everyone is welcome!


Schedule TBA


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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