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Organizers: Meghan Rance (Membership), Russell Porter (Membership), Joanne Woods (Assistant), Catherine Hoofd (Assistant), Gilles Delmee (Assistant), Mike Rascher (Assistant), Holly Hendrigan (Coach), Scott Muma (Coach), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Event Director)

Map: Watershed Park

That time of year again! We will be descending upon the Delta watershed, and tainting the water supply!... Come explore this fun map with us, with its intricate network of trails, and, for the more resolute, wonderful opportunities to go crashing through the bushes! There will be courses for everyone, from the first timers, to the seasoned veterans.

Please park on Pinewood Drive (near Pinewood elementary, see map). The start, finish, and registration will be held at the scout camp in the middle of Watershed park. Follow the marked route from the Pinewood Drive park entrance to the scout camp. It is 600m walk so remember all of your things when you walk in.

Registration will open at 9am. The first start will be at 10am. Course closes at noon. There will be club members on hand to provide instruction for people who are new to the sport as well!

We will also be offering a Tiny-O. Tiny-O is a short course (1.3 km) available for kids ~4-10, as well as for beginners of all ages. As in Stanley Park and Pacific Spirit Park, we will be using images on the map as control descriptions for the kids (the written descriptions are for the parents), and the corresponding image will be hanging on the control flag.

Event fees

-$5 Juniors (under 20)

-$10 Adults

-$20 Family

GVOC Membership

Everyone who participates must be a member of GVOC. A GVOC membership lasts until the end of 2013 and includes free Wednesday night orienteering events throughout the year.

-$5 Juniors (under 20) and first time adults

-$10 Adults

-$20 Family



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