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Organizer: Rachel F (Event Director)

Map: Simon Fraser University

Post-Event Summary:

Thanks to all who came out on a miraculously clear night! Those who arrived early were allowed to start early, which was a good thing with the 45+ participants! The multi-level map of SFU challenged participants to read the map and terrain carefully; regretfully one of the controls (#23) on the medium and long courses 'grew legs' many spent a few extra minutes verifying they were in the right 'spot'.

Despite the challenges of the courses, or perhaps because of the challenges of the courses , many of the participants seemed to enjoy the evening! Thank you to all who voiced your appreciation of the courses you ran.

After all the participants reported into the finish, a good third of the group continued the pleasure of the evening by sharing an enjoyable/tasting repast at Club Ilia (one of the sponsors of a previous SFU WJR). Selections the I noticed included some tasty curries, pizza, hamburgers, tortierre, brisket sandwich, and a good mix of salad and fries...

Hats off to the all participants!

Thanks to Dane, Adam, Jiri, Sergio, and Lucia for helping pickup the 35 controls!... It allowed me to join you for dinner and then to go back to the apartment to get ready for my flight... Thank you also to Sergio for providing the beginner orientation.

As I mentioned in my event description before the event, we are currently working on the December and early 2014 schedule for WETs. Thank you to those of whom spoke with me about volunteering to organize upcoming WETs. However, more volunteers are always needed. Please let us know if you are willing to organize a WET. Just send me an email through this page, by clicking on my name (Rachel F) and emailing with your contact information and some possible dates.

Thank you again,

Rachel F


Primary Organizers:

Event Director/Course Planner - Rachel F, Membership/Registrar - Meghan R, Trainer - Sergio F


Classic point-to-point with lots of controls!  


6:30: Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners

6:30: Starts begin

8:00 pm: Course Closure, participants must report to the Finish by Course Closure Time.


Two courses will be offered, one of which is Shorter (2.5km) and suitable for beginners/families. The other of which is Longer (~5.5km).

There will however, also be a third option whereby a ~4.5km can be chosen if people on the longer course decide they want to SHORTEN their outing, or if people on the shorter course want to LENGTHEN their outing. More details at the event.

Safety Precautions:

The campus is a thriving place, with lots of pedestrians , cars, and buses. Note, that these pedestrians/cars have the right of way. Please be gracious to SFU students/staff/residents. Please cross streets with caution. Use caution going up and down & up stairs. Also note, there is wildlife in the campus area, including coyotes and other wild animals. 

Parking/Start/Finish Locations:

There is lots of pay parking on campus in the evenings. There is extremely limited free parking in the neighbourbood at the East side of campus. Use of public transportation, car pooling (even if just for parking purposes) is highly recommended. 

Meeting/Start/Finish Location (blue drop on map) -- the overhang on the south side of the Elementary School.  

Post-Event Dining:

There are a variety of eating establishments within walking distance of the start/finish. We have previously gone to the Himalayan restaurant as well as Club Ilia after SFU WET. Let us see where we choose this time. All are welcome! 

Acknowledgements & WET Organizers Recruitment. 

Without volunteers, these events cannot take place. A hearty thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at upcoming WETs/WJRs please let us know.

We are currently working on the December and early 2014 schedule for WETs. If you would like to organize an upcoming WET please let one of the club Executive, but particularly "Rachel F" (the organizer of the SFU event) know. Also it appears that there may be a vacancy for the November 20th WET, if you would like to organize that one; please let me (Rachel F) know. You can contact me by clicking on the link, please be sure to include your name and contact information in the text of the email. 

Thank you so much & see you at the SFU WET!




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