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Organizer: Meghan Rance (Event Director)

Map: Queen Elizabeth Park

Come join us this Wednesday for a jaunt around the new extended map of one of Vancouver's most beautiful parks. The long course is 5km long with lots of tricky route choice across the hill and around Nat Bailey Stadium. It is also the final event in the Nipen brothers' Tour d'OBIK (A challenge of accumulated times on running races, orienteering courses, and interval training for the month of Mathias' visit). With Thomas' current lead over Mathias only 7 seconds, anything could happen. The short course will be 2.5km long and will be suitable for families and beginners. We will meet in one of the shelters by the fountain on top of Queen Elizabeth. If you are walking and unsure where you are going, keep walking uphill until you can't anymore. If you see a big dome, you are close. There is a pay parking lot near the fountain and (I believe) free parking across the street at Nat Bailey Stadium (10 minute walk to start).

Bring a picnic afterwards to enjoy a summer evening in the park. We will bring cake to celebrate John Rance's birthday!



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