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Organizer: (Event Director)

Map: Queen Elizabeth Park

Event ReportCourse A:

Thomas Nipen12:27:00
John Markez14:07:00
Chris Pillar14:27:00
Louise Oram14:36:00
Carol Ross14:49:00
Chris Benn14:53:00
Lehel Fenyo15:55:00
Andy Reddin17:23:00
Andrea Balakova18:53:00
Graeme Rennie19:05:00
Brian Ellis20:58:00
Magnus Byne21:44:00
John Rance23:49:00
Bruce Rennie24:08:00
Gar Fisher24:48:00
Sarah Goring25:00:00
George Pugh25:27:00
Jeremy Gordon26:20:00
Evgeniya Ershova26:20:00
Iain McKernan26:35:00
Christoph Rufenacht27:15:00
Beatrice Schneider27:15:00
Jason Oliver29:26:00
Meggan Oliver29:26:00
Robyn Rennie33:31:00
Ye-Fee Liang34:19:00
Karen Lachance38:05:00
David Harrison and Betty N/C

Course B:
Thomas Nipen11:45:00
John Markez12:02:00
Chris Pillar13:17:00
Lehel Fenyo13:18:00
Louise Oram13:33:00
Andy Reddin14:16:00
Carol Ross14:20:00
Chris Benn14:30:00
Graeme Rennie15:44:00
Sarah Goring16:29:00
Andrea Balakova17:13:00
Magnus Byne17:17:00
Alison Price17:46:00
Jeremy Gordon17:52:00
Brian Ellis18:04:00
Bruce Rennie19:54:00
Evgeniya Ershova20:33:00
Meghan Rance20:35:00
John Rance20:50:00
Iain McKernan21:09:00
Christoph Rufenacht24:36:00
Beatrice Schneider24:36:00
Karen Lachance25:05:00
Jason Oliver28:33:00
Meggan Oliver28:33:00
Ye-Fee Liang30:22:00
George Pugh30:42:00
Pascal Schoenhardt31:00:00
Tony Reddin31:45:00
Miyuki Numata42:23:00
Pat Pugh52:50:00
Anita Gabel52:50:00
Sharon Fuchs52:50:00

Total times for people who did both courses:
Thomas Nipen24:12:00
John Markez26:09:00
Chris Pillar27:44:00
Louise Oram28:09:00
Carol Ross29:09:00
Lehel Fenyo29:13:00
Chris Benn29:23:00
Andy Reddin31:39:00
Graeme Rennie34:49:00
Andrea Balakova36:06:00
Magnus Byne39:01:00
Brian Ellis39:02:00
Sarah Goring41:29:00
Bruce Rennie44:02:00
Jeremy Gordon44:12:00
John Rance44:39:00
Evgeniya Ershova46:53:00
Iain McKernan47:44:00
Christoph Rufenacht51:51:00
Beatrice Schneider51:51:00
George Pugh56:09:00
Jason Oliver57:59:00
Meggan Oliver57:59:00
Karen Lachance63:10:00
Ye-Fee Liang64:41:00


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