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Organizers: Robyn Rennie (Event Director), Alistair Howard (Controller), Tim Blair (Course Planner)

Map: Hollyburn Ridge (Ski-O)

As a special treat this weekend we have a Ski orienteering event on offer. A number of members have children in Hollyburn Jackrabbits and this event was originally scheduled for their participation. But once again the pin flags will be left up for a few days and we are offering so that club members can take advantage of the exercise. Note: we hope to have flags out by late Friday.

You will need a valid Cross Country day pass which can be purchased on-line in advance from Cypress Mountain. Start and finish is in front of the Nordic Center Ticket booth where the host will check your pass.

Register here - there are still a few maps left if you want to give it a try.

Map pickup location is in the email that you will receive from the registration process. Sometimes these end up in your spam folder so if you don't get it right away please check there. If you never get an email then email us at

This event is a score event - a choose your own adventure to try to get as many of the controls as possible in 2 hours. It should be plenty of time. BUT if you go in the evenings you can only get the controls on the lit trails - which is the lower part of the map. According to the map controls are valued at

Controls 1 - 7 are worth 3 points

Controls 8 - 14 are worth 4 points

Controls 15 - 29 are worth 5 points.

If you go in the daytime the whole area can be explored. All controls are on ski trails. Over the weekend there will be real controls hanging at the locations.

The event is up on MapRun6 - Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver > 2022 > Hollyburn Ski O. If you use MapRun6 it will be setup slightly differently as a 2 hour score event,

Controls 1 - 10 are worth 10 points

Control 10 - 20 are worth 20 points with a 10 point penalty for coming back late. Basically because MapRun6 doesn't offer a scoring option like the above.

Upload your track here if you are interested in seeing where you went.


See who you are likely to run into on the ski hill

Email us your score results and time after you have had a great day skiing.




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