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Organizers: Safder Raza (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Robyn Rennie (Assistant)

Map: Watershed Park

As this is the first event of the season in the forest please make sure that you have filled in your membership and waiver information before requesting a map. It can easily be done online here.

This course is a training event that was offered to our more experienced orienteers recently. It uses the "dog bones" format which means that the controls are drawn and completed in pairs. A reminder of dog-bone rules: pairs can be done in any order, in either direction (A or B first), but once you've committed to one dog-bone, you have to get the other part of the pair.

However for beginners feel free to visit the controls in any order or visit as many or as few as you feel works for you. Pin flags are on-site until around Tuesday of next week.

Watershed Park is an interesting network of trails, both walking and biking so watch out for bikes and real dogs.

Nobody will be on-site so please request a map from and follow all COVID protocols when running in the park.



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