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Organizer: Charlie Palmer (Event Director)

Map: Trout Lake

This week's WET event is at Trout Lake (also called John Hendry Park).

The course is a short one (4 - 5 km) with many controls, and includes two "butterfly loops".

Expect to be running on long grass (no one has been mowing the grass lately!) and pavement.

The course is kid friendly - no fence jumping or bush-bashing necessary.

Event Report

Once again the main talking point for the annual Trout Lake WET event was the weather. Another night with atrocius rain - fortunately this year the maps held up under the conditions and everyone could see where they should be going.

Congratulations to all who turned up, ran, and completed the course. Honesty award for the night goes to Eileen. After over an hour in torrential rain she was tempted to run straight to the cover of the finish area, which she could see from the penultimate control. But instead she did the last leg of the butterfly, and then ran for the finish.


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