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Map: Watershed Park

The first B-meet this spring takes place in Watershed Park. Two courses are offered.

Please sign up below before the weekend if you plan to come.

Meet at the school in the bend in the Briarwood / Pinewood drive road . See map below. From Hwy 91 take the 64th avenue exit eastbound. Turn right..Meet at the school.

The long course will consist of a course on the 1:10 000 scale map with a 2km loop in the middle of the course on the 1:4 000 sprint map.

The short course will be a shortened version of the long course.

Event Report~25 people showed up ready to fight through the snow in Watershed Park, on this cold, yet sunny, Sunday morning.

The courses had two map exchanges. Unfortunately, the organiser (me) was vague about the fact that you had to pick up the correct map at the map second map exchange. Therefore, some people running the long course ended up doing a "medium".

The full results with the short, medium and long course are here.

Runners on medium and long had the same course until control 14. Comparisons can be made here.

Sorry for the confusion!!

Thanks to Magnus, Louise, and Chris for picking up controls.

Meet director.


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