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Organizers: Alison Schoenhardt (Course Planner), Ben Smith (Assistant), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Assistant), Stan Woods (Assistant), Jules Tough (Membership), Joanne Woods (Membership), Ingrid Weisenbach (Membership), Christina leung (Membership), Safder Raza (Assistant), Caoimhe Murray (Assistant)

Map: Watershed Park

Come join us on Sunday October 15 at 9am for your weekend treat - a one-person relay (aka Farsta!) in Watershed Park!

Please sign up by Thursday evening to be guaranteed a map. Farsta maps are not as effortless to print because of the forking, so making extra copies at the last minute will be a challenge!

Never run a one-person relay before? Well the concept is simple - it's a relay! There are a number of loops that visit a central "hub" control, except rather than handing off to a team mate, you flip over your map and run all the loops yourself! Simple! The twist with this version is that each of the legs are massively forked, i.e. you might start running the same loop as someone else, but you'll likely deviate at some point, so following is at your own risk; mainly because you might find yourself lost in the mass of tiny little trails!

There will be a shorter and longer relay option, along with beginner and intermediate point to point courses for those who don't want to enter the chaos/are first time or less experienced orienteers. Note that since all the relay runners will be running at the same time in a contained area, things might feel a little more.... chaotic than you're normally used to. Expect to see other runners coming from all directions. Keep your head up to avoid collisions!

Note that this event is most fun run as part of a mass start, so please arrive in good time to register, pay, warm up, and be ready to start with the masses!

Shoe recommendation: trail runners with aggressive tread. Spikes are probably not required, but might be appreciated in some small areas.

Map Notes

- Thanks to Brian Ellis and Thomas Nipen, this map has been updated to reasonably reflect the terrain. However, it's still an older map and some parts may be a little dated

- You may think that trails are easy - you'd be wrong! Keep your wits about you and give this map the respect it deserves... ever tried to figure out which of the many, many trail junctions you may be on when relocating?? Well you may have lots of practice on this map!

- This area is very popular with walkers and bikers - please respect other trail users and give way as appropriate

Meeting location

We will meet at the Scout Camp in Watershed Park. Car parking is best at Pinewood Elementary School and follow the ribbons to the start area. NOTE: there are no washrooms in the area.

Meet time

Registration open: 9:00am

Gather for mass start instructions: 9:45am
Mass start for long and short relays: 10:00am

Course close: 12noon - you MUST be back at the finish by 12noon (not heading back to the finish). All runners MUST check in as soon as you return, or we will send a search party for you!

Start times for beginner/intermediate runners: from 9:45am onwards. There will be a pause around 10am for the relay mass starts.



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