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Course Maps

Ninety Minute Score-O

Organizers: Holly Hendrigan (Host), Mike Rascher (Course Planner), Eric Cessford (Assistant), Rachel Howard (Membership), Chris Benn (Coach)

Map: Stanley Park

Detailed Results 

Forty-five minute or Ninety minute Score-O on the big Stanley Park Map starting from the Clubhouse at Brockton Oval. The start times are 10:00 for ninety minutes and 10:45 for forty-five. Registration opens at 9:15. Course closes at Noon.

Runners must respect all out of bounds areas marked on the map in either purple hashing or olive. The only way to cross the Georgia St Parkway is via marked underpasses or bridges.  Our permit states that there is to be "No cutting through any vegetated areas. Participants stick to designated forest trails. Be alert and respectul of traffic, cyclists, bladers and pedestrians." Many unmapped trails dead end on homeless encampments, so don't be tempted to use them.

The Score-O points will correspond to the control numbers: (3x - 30, 4x - 40, 5x - 50, 6x - 60). 30 points will be deducted per minute of overtime, so don't be late.

Please also sign up for the AGM immediately following the finish of the Score-O here:



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