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Map: Stanley Park

The SET series is aimed at those planning to continue training through the summer months. From those people that I have spoken to there is a preference for something a bit longer; something like 60 to 90 minutes but with options to shorten the routes whenever possible.

This is all going to be extremely casual with a mixture of pure trail runs and longer distance orienteering.  We will try to avoid running on streets so event locations will probably be larger parks and North Shore trails.  There will be no control flags, just a large, obvious feature where the flag would have been.

Run singly or in groups; bring your stopwatch and race your friends or try to beat last weeks minutes per kilometer time.

May you run in sunlit forests!

Event Report

Organised by Sandra Sutter and Thomas Koenig.  Thanks guys.

Sandra and Thomas organised four courses.  Most entrants did the excellent 11km version (the others were 8.0, 6.6 and 4.8 km variations of this course) and took around 90 minutes to complete it in the 23+


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