COC 2014 ( will be in Whistler this year. We are in the process of developing vital volunteer teams to host this event. There is a place for just about every one on these teams. Whether you are experienced or not, your contributions are necessary to make the event happen and to make the event a success! Let us share GVOC organization and hospitality! 

*Note: we recognize that volunteers will also want to participate in some if not all of the events as well; the more volunteers we have, the better we can meet these desires! We will try our utmost to organize things so that volunteers can also be competitors where possible/appropriate. Thank you for your contributions to making the COCs happen and be fun! 

COC Volunteer Co-ordinators: Rachel F and Marg Ellis.

Event Director: Jeremy Gordon

*Course Planners: Sprint-Meghan Rance, Middle-Magnus Johansson, Long-Brian Ellis
*Controllers: Sprint-Alex Kerr , Middle-Adrian Zissos, Long-Adrian Zissos
* Course pre-run: Sprint-, Middle-, Long-
* Map/Control description printing/bagging: Sprint-, Middle-, Long-
* WRE Advisors:  Middle-Finn Arildsen, Long-Finn Arildsen
* Relay Organizers: Magnus Johansson, Adrian Zissos
* HPP Fundraiser: HPP members

OABC Liason: John Rance

Registrar (in advance of event): Leigh Bailey
Event-site Registration/Package Pickup Chief: Hilary Anderson
* Before Event (e.g., registration package preparation): Team member volunteers needed (Rachel Caulfield TBA) 
* Day of Event (e.g., registration package distribution): Team member volunteers needed (Jean MacNaughton TBA, Mrs Muma TBA) 

Site Chief (start/finish/parking signage and preparation/disassembly): Bruce Inglis
* Members: volunteers needed

Executive-Equipment Manager (acquire/coordinate equipment) : TBA, volunteer needed (may be the same as Site Chief)
* Equipment Transport: Owners of big vehicles: Possibilities include: [Stan/Joanne Woods (TBA); Ian Collings (TBA); Scott Muma (TBA)-- although already assigned to other tasks]; other volunteers needed 

Start Chief: Robyn Rennie
* Start team members: Bruce Rennie, Stan Woods, Kate Knapp, Marissa Woods (TBA), Holly Hendrigan (TBA), FWOC members (TBA), other volunteers needed 
* Start area/equipment manager: TBA, volunteer needed (will work with Site Chief/Equipment Manager as necessary)

Finish Chief: 
* Before Event: Magnus Johansson/Andrea Balakova
* During Events: TBA (Brian/Marg Ellis tentative); Long- Brian Ellis; Middle- TBA; Sprint- TBA
* Members: Scott Muma, Mike Rascher^, Ian Collings^ (TBA), David Collings (TBA), Catherine Hoofd (TBA), Gilles Delmee, Mark McMillan, other volunteers needed
* Finish area/equipment manager: Magnus Johansson/Andrea Balakova will be involved before the event, other volunteer needed  (will work with Site Chief/Equipment Manager as necessary)

SI Timing: Russell Porter

Safety Chief: George Pugh
* Assistant (First Aid Training required): Catherine deHoofd, volunteers needed

Start/Finish Line Refreshments Chief: Joanne Woods
* Members: Holly Hendrigan, volunteers needed

* Event Permits: Adrian Zissos
* Temporary Food Permits: Marg Ellis to investigate if Food Permits needed; volunteer may be needed to pursue permits if necessary

Local Arrangements: Adran Zissos/Karen Shaw

Bus Marshall (for Middle) to load and get buses going according to schedule: Volunteer(s) needed; 
*Parking Lot to Start: 
*Finish to Parking Lot.

Announcer: Magnus Johansson

Event Booklet:TBA (Jeremy Gordon?)

Awards Coordinator and MC: Meghan Rance

Volunteer Appreciation: Meghan Rance? TBA, volunteer needed

Promotions:Alison Price

Web Updates: TBA

Volunteers for whom tasks have yet to be assigned:

James Golding
Rachel Caulfield (note no vehicle) - (tentative registration package prep/distribution; during COCs TBA)
Adrian Low (tentative Finish)
Mrs. Muma (tenative registration distribution)
Nick Harris^
Kelly Luckhart (available before and during COCs)
Gar Fisher
Christoph Ruefenacht (before)
wonderful orienteers from FWOC who have volunteered (who have contacted Adrian Z: Marsha Fehr (TBA-Start), Jane Rowlands (TBA-Start), Andree Powers with Bill Jarvis and Molly Jarvis, Clarence Kort^, Gabrielle Savard, Jean MacNaugton (TBA-Registration) ; Marion Owens-WCOC)

"your name here" (a.k.a. many more volunteers needed)!

In addition to volunteers for the COCs, there will be Pre-COC training activities for which we will need:

Coordinator: TBA

Course Planners: TBA

Map printing/Package preparation: TBA

Package pickup arrangements/Athlete liason: TBA